Sanj Chott

Sports Massage Testimonials

Here are some comments from our patients…

“Sanj is a great guy and an excellent practitioner. He’s helped iron out kinks in me on a number of occasions and I recommend him for this. I’ve referred him to a number of colleagues who have all fed back equally positively so I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

“Sanj has provided an invaluable therapist service since my back diagnosis by spinal surgeon. He is completely committed in his approach, caring and professional. I have recommended his services to other colleagues and friends without hesitation.”

“Sanj was highly recommended to me by my colleagues 3 years ago and I can say, without any hesitation, that he has made my life better, healthier and happier. From sitting at the desk for too long and doing high impact sport, I would get severe tension around my back and shoulders and this would sometimes lead to some pretty unbearable migraines. Sanj automatically knows where the points of tension are and strongly works through them with his magical hands and elbows. I never rave about things but Sanj is extremely gifted; he has a solid range of massage techniques, deep knowledge of muscle / skeletal anatomy and qualities that cannot be underestimated: Such as his understanding and intuition, his genuine care for his clients’ recovery and his always big smile. As I have said many times before, to many people, “Go see Sanj!”

“I have been going to Sanj for over 7 years now for sports massages. Sanj in my opinion is one of the best sports therapists in the London area and I have been to several others over the years. I initially went to Sanj as I used to get headaches every month due to tightness in my shoulders and back. By going monthly to Sanj these headaches stopped and the tension in my shoulders and back improved. On top of Sanj’s massage skills he genuinely cares about his clients. I would highly recommend Sanj to anyone looking for a good sports massage. ”

“Sanj is a wonderful therapist who does magic when it comes to relieving my terrible pain in the neck. I have learned a lot from him not only how the body works, what it likes and doesn’t but equally enjoy our almost philosophical chats about life in general. It’s a true treat to come in on Saturdays and enjoy Sanj’s company leaving the gym as light as a feather. ”

“Having a long back and doing more running than is good for me, a good massage is critical to maintaining my fitness and overall health. However, finding a good masseuse is not easy despite the plentiful availability. I met Sanj when I joined the City Point Gym in 2012 and have found his depth of knowledge, flexibility in delivery and overall quality of massage outstanding. Visiting Sanj every 3-4 weeks is an integral part of my health and fitness regime. ”